At the heart of our Catholic Faith are the Sacraments. They reveal to us how God offers transformation through the ordinary events of our life. From our birth, through the experiences of healing, friendship, helping others, loving one another, choosing our vocations, dealing with sickness and grief, to death itself, the Sacraments help us to hold sacred our religious views of life.

Baptism for infant up to child age six 

Your baby’s Baptism is the first of the seven sacraments and the most important step you will take as parents in the life of the faith of your child. It is important that you share this celebration together, and with the

 Catholic Community. The Church wants you to feel welcomed and to participate as much as you wish. Parents should register to become a parish member at least three months prior to having your child baptized. The initial meeting with Fr. Andrew Kurz will be followed up by a member of our Baptismal Preparation Team. Please contact the parish office (715)335-4314 for baptismal preparation.

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Baptism for child age seven to adults 

RCIC, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Children

A child reaches an age of reason at about 7 years old. People desiring to be baptized enter into a period of preparation that is generally 8-10 months or more depending on their needs. The preparation includes heart and head experiences. They are also confirmed and receive 1st Communion.


First Reconciliation


In our Religious Education Program, the students are given a basic understanding of forgiveness. In 2nd Grade, each child is given a more in-depth study of the Sacrament and is taught how to participate in it on an individual basis. The children are required to attend a parent-child Reconciliation Service, and the parents are required to attend an informational meeting. Further information will be shared at the parent meeting.

First Holy Communion


The second graders and their parents are involved in the preparation for reception of First Communion. This preparation is done along with the regular 2nd Grade curriculum. Over the course of six weeks, the children will learn about the Sacrament, explore how the Church remembers and celebrates Jesus, and learn the connection between family meals and the Eucharist. During the second semester, a parent meeting will be held. At this time a First Communion Handbook with dates and other pertinent information will be handed out. The parish family also welcomes the communicants on four Sundays prior to First Communion when they will formally participate in the liturgies. In addition, the Communicant is required to attend an after-school retreat. First Communion at Saint Paul's’s is celebrated in early May. Further information will be shared at the parent session.



Instructor: Carla Murray

Saint Paul's’s Parish views the Sacrament of Confirmation as a process that begins at Baptism. It is the completion of the initiation into the Faith Community and the beginning of a person’s adult participation or membership in the Church. We see the entire religious education program as a journey toward the Sacrament of Confirmation. Our next confirmation will be in 2018. Each Confirmand is required to attend the parish Confirmation Retreat, to perform community service in their parish and broader community, and to celebrate Mass regularly.  


Class of 2018

Couples are asked to notify the parish office at least six months in advance. Catholics must be confirmed and active in the faith. Wedding times are to be scheduled for no later than 1:30 p.m.
Children of families in the parish should be registered upon turning age 18 or upon high school graduation. Even if a couple plan to choose their own vocalist, they are still required to meet with our Wedding Music Coordinator at least six months in advance. Please call the Parish Office for contact information.
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Anointing of the Sick


Anointing of the Sick
is for anyone with
a serious illness,
chronic medical condition,
someone facing surgery,
and elderly.
This sacrament may be
repeated depending on
the sacramental needs
of the person.

 Holy Orders                                       Bishop David Ricken 


Holy Orders is a sacrament of vocation where men commit their lives to participation in Christ's priesthood in a unique way. Through Holy Orders, sacred powers to serve God's people are given. The three degrees or orders are bishops (shepherds, sanctifiers, teachers), priests (coworkers of bishops in the pastoral ministry in parishes), and deacons (not ordained to ministerial service but dedicated to service and charitable activities). All are inportant for the Church. The sacrament for the three orders is conferred as a bishop lays hands on the person and prays a prayer of consecration for the specific order of the person.